About Us

Since Medicus was founded, we have devotetd our greatest efforts in serving Medical Science. Medicus in manufacturing, importing, marketing and distributing high-integrity products.

Medicus experienced management provides a solid foundation for commercialising the selected products. 

At Medicus, in collaboration with major local and Intermational Universities, we also perform qualified development of new chemical entities (NCEs), from extensive controlled laboratory testing, to sub contractual investigation in humans in accordance with applicable guidelines:

A promising new molecule identified in drug discovery goes through acomplex process of drug development begore it becomes available to patients:

  • Extensive laboratory testing needed to ensure that the NCE can be safely administeref to humans
  • comprehensive clinical development programme needed for development of a safe and efficacious drug (Phases I-IV)
  • documentation necessary for regulatory submissions and marketing authorization of the drug

The development process results from the integrated collaboration between a variety of research and development disciplines, as well as our Marketing, Quality Control and Regulatory Affairs departments. Our Regulatory objective is to achieve registration approval and marketing authorization of new medicines in defined territories.